Briefly, about me

I am ed, or offically Eduard Moldovan. This here is the page of, published and maintained by my company Eduard Moldovan AB.

My main focus is on building products that are simple, fast and easy to use. I am a big fan of the Unix philosophy and I try to apply it to my work as much as possible. These products are mainly my own products these days, but I do some niche consulting as well.

The two main products I am working on for the moment are Handover and LEAGUES.


Handover is a tool for creators, it tryes to democratize the creation of brands, without removing the ability of designers and developers to creat highly customised designs and code.


A risk-free gaming platform for football fans to enjoy with friends, support charity, and boost social interaction, all while promoting mental health.


There are also other products in cooking, like my calorie tracker, Makros and my open-source. under heavy development, gowire. These two are still very much not ready for customers yet.


In case yu need or want to reach out, you may find me on the platforms below.