What I do

“People don’t buy what you do, people buy why you do it.”

I strongly believe in this quote and I create accordingly, always trying to undestand the cause of things, their meaning and putting that into my work, so that the users can understand and reach that “why”.

As for technology ‐ I am not in love with certain ones, I use whatever is needed to get the best quality. If you take a look to my projects, or to my Linked in profile that might give you an idea about my tech knowledge.

If I would have to name the tools I use, I would have to say I do custom development with a lot of HTML5 and JavaScript (Ember.js or native), backed by scalable node.js backends.

So, if you feel you like what I do, say hello!

This is the video I was talking about. Take your time to watch it, you won’t be sorry.