Why I do not use Photoshop

published on February 28, 2011 in technical

Nowadays webdesign is a lot more important than ten years ago. It is probably the most important part of web development, due to its visibility. Let me write down a few of my thoughts about using, or not, Adobe Photoshop for designing webpages.

1. What would the “classical” way of designing a site be?

If I would like to use the “old” way, I would design the looks in Adobe Photoshop,  then build it in HTML and give it some beatiful styles with CSS. Even at a first glance, this is way is not productive enough. I would do almost everything twice.

Due to the speed of today's web, I changed the flow of my site planning in a way that is much more productive. I would like to talk over the part that concerns the wendesign.

2. What's wrong with the “classical” way?

Here are my reasons:

  1. On a Photoshop design the urls are not clickable. Let me put it this way: I cannot emulate the site while working on it.
  2. Photoshop has a lot of beautiful font, but most of them are not websafe. This is a huge problem because I cannot tell how the text will look on the site.
  3. If I started designing everything in Photoshop, I would have to work twice. After building the HTML with CSS, I would have to change things, so that tey look best in browsers. I today's dynamic world, this lack of efficiency is not desireble.
  4. Designing in Photoshopban lacks the possibility of seeing the design in its context. I am using an MVC framework which would have the organized HTML in views. This is important because I need to be able to plan the interractions, which I cannot do with Photoshop.
  5. HTML editing is free. Photoshop is not. On the current market, the winners are the ones who can survive the best. Due to the huge difference between the two, it is obvious that choosing Photoshop would be a bad idea because of its high price (compared to free).
  6. On a Photoshop design, I cannot test any kind of interraction. A very simpe and convincing example is the :hover state, which can be tested only in a browser.
  7. In the past, we used Phooshop because we could not do such beautiful styling as we can do today, with the help of CSS3. This is now obsolete.

I am draing a very important advicefrom the above reasons: if you want to be more productive, faster in your work, ditch the Photoshop and start using HTML nad CSS3. You will love the the results!