This Week's Reading Roundup - No. 2

published on June 21, 2012 in technical

And we got to the second week in reading roundup. The topics are much wider because this week is a much more active week in our huge community.

1. PHP

Calculate estimated reading time

Learn PHP the right way

A PHP framework for web artisans

2. Javascript

Drag and drop folders onto Chrome now available

noty, the jQuery notification plugin

Tocify, a jQuery Table of Contents plugin

Routie, the lightweight hash routing library

Create.js, a new type of web editing interface:

Mr. Zakas writes about his thougts on ECMAScript 6 syntax:

Easy Javascript cookie handling

Compact, evented key-value cache in Javascript, created by the guys at

jQuery++ - exteremely usefull DOM helpers

A brief lesson on scope

How to measure browser graphics performance

SImple, small, fast javascript framework, designed for mobile development

3. CSS

Publish your 'maximized' CSS to help the new ones

4. HTML5

Getting started wit WEBRTC

A non-responsive approach to building cross-device webapps

HTML5 invoice

5. Webdesign/UI/UX

Minimal blog design, I love it: iA blog

One moretime: Typography is the foundation of webdesign

Foundation 3 is aout, you definitely want to check it out

6. Git


7. Whatever

10 things web developers must know to become truly amazing

A great responsive slider

OAuth 2.0 and the Road to hell

Online banking geared for teamwork