This Week's Reading Roundup - No. 1

published on April 1, 2012 in technical

I decided to write up the things I read, that I come up on in a week. This is my first one!

1. PHP

Libraries for working with Excel, Powerpoint and Word

PHP 5.4.5 released:

2. Javascript

Chibi, tiny javascript micro framework:

trunk8 is a text truncation plugin to jQuery:

tcsst is a CSS testing framework for jQuery:

ENYO is a javascript framework for desktop and mobile:

Maximage2 is a fullscreen backgroung slideshow plugin that allows you to use jQuery Cycle plugin as a fullscreen slideshow:

Backbone.js: hacker's guide:

The developer's toolbox: Modernizr (new version came out this week):

Firefox javascript terminal:

Clone anything with Javascript:

3. CSS

Leave the body's font-size alone:

Using CSS3 attribute selectors:

Pure CSS animated tooltips:

4. HTML5

Mastering the application cache manifest for offline web apps and performance:

5. Webdesign/UI/UX

Do mobile and desktop interfaces belong together?

The importance of creative design for mobile app user experience:

6. Git

Introduction to Git with Scott Chacon of Gitbub:

7. Whatever

You can't do your job if you don't sleep:

Twelve commandments of software localization: