The Way It Should Not Be

published on December 31, 2012 in technical

Nowadays browsers, at least most of them, are becoming more like sandboxes. We developers can do lots of great stuff in a browser. But still, the web is full of not so good applications, of sites which are not as good as they should be. Why is that?

1. TL; DR

It is because of you, the developer. You do not build your sites, or apps, for the future, you build them for the past.

2. Details

You, as a freelancer or employed webdev, take your orders from your clients os bosses. And this is what most of you do – and nothing more. But it should not stop here. You should be your own evangelist. You should try to convince your client, or boss, that the idea he is having is not that good, or actually bad. That those 17% of the users who use Internet Explorer [this is what I am talking about, this is the past] will easily switch to Firefox or Chrome, or something else. People do this all the time. Tell me, how many times have you switched from one browser to another, just to see something there, that wasn't working here? Probably many times.

You may say that the average user is different. I disaggree. I have a friend who is an experienced radio editor. He is the basic internet user. He has no knowledge of Javascript, or browser versions, or PHP. All he knows is his Chrome. Or Firefox, or Safari, or Opera. He set these up for himself, because he heard that here and there things work better. And when something is not working, say in Safari, he instinctively starts Chrome, or Firefox, and checks it out. And he remembers it – next time he wants to read something on that site, he knows that he should be doing it in Firefox, because it does not work properly in Chrome.

3. Conclusion

I think we will never have the internet we wish if we developers don't do anything for that, but keep building things for the past. It is our responsibility to do our best, to build the best things that we can. Anything less than that is not enough. Why? Because if you do not do your best then you are just one of those who build another thing who is not good enough for the user.