The Internet Makes This Possible

published on May 7, 2013 in technical

I many times read that the internet might be harmful. Yes, it might. But the thing is that it only might. Here's why.

I think there are a few types of internet users.

There are the ones who spend hours on Facebook every day, which I personally find useless. I am not saying that Facebook is useless, but spending hours of my life there is the stupidest thing I could do.

There are people who are bored and surf the internet reading, finding out interesting things about familiar or unfamiliar topics.

There are those who blog and need topics to write about - that is why they spend hours on the internet every day.

And there are those like me, who live far from their families and can only reach them through the internet; the ones who build internet infrastructure, the infrastructure that runs small and big sites; the ones that find knowledge on the internet and use that wisely in every day life; the ones that follow people on Twitter, then get the chance to chat with them on Skype. 

How awesome is that? I follow quite a few people, mostly due to their knowledge in some field. This is the case of Tom Dale - I follow him because he is one of the creators of Ember.js. We had a chat on Skype today and I was thrilled.

Looking forward to more of these.