Reading About Javascript

published on August 14, 2012 in technical

I am doing a lot of Javascript coding lately, so my reading is mostly about that. I read other articles too, but that is a small minority. Let me show show you the articles, posts that I came upon this week.

The list

1. Christian Heilmann published a great article about Javascript events on Smashing Magazine. He covers many important sides of event handling, like preventing default execution flow, event delegation, how can we we measure the keypres length and so much more.

2. Most of us use Firebug. Or will use it, or have used it. Here a little advice about logging function calls, which could be very useful.

3. There has been a real invasion of javascript frameworks lately. One of these is Knockout.js and here we have a shorter tutorial about its usage: Learning Knockout.js.

4. A small documentation about canvas, on Mozilla Developer Network

5. Still on canvas, but now a bit more about client-side image resizing and how can we improve the quality of the result: Resizing an Image in HTML5 Canvas. This is a very important little explanation, and a good idea on how programmers should approach challenges.

6. Improving Javascript — great session!

7. Socialite.js gives you simple ways of implementing all kinds of social buttons.

8. And one of the best I fount this week, Redactor, which is a great WYSIWYG editor, much smaller and lighter then any other editor I came across so far. This is the editor I have been looking for and planning to implement, but never did due to lack of time.

9. Adobe has been strongly involved lately in all kinds of web-related activities, here a a piece on dependency management in javascript.

10. Meet Crockford's JSCheck

11. Backbone.js Framework Communication

12. Great ECMAScript 6 roundup, by Addy Osmani

13. Front-end Unit Testing with Javascript

15. The Anatomy of a Ember.js Application: this is another framework that I am watching closely.

16. This is a bit off-topic, but it is important to me: Why I Hate Prezi

17. Javascript Leak Finder, a new tool from Google

18. Garbage-Collector-Friendly Javascript Code

19. A Javascript Security Flaw

20. The Art of Staying Up-To-Date

21. pnginator.rb: pack a .js file into a PNG image with an HTML payload; when saved with an .html extension and opened in a browser, the HTML extracts and executes the javascript.

See you next time!