[OFF] Refrigerator usability

published on February 1, 2012 in technical

This might look like a very unusual topic from a webdev. But this has been itching me for a while, so let me put it into words.

1. The main question

We have lately been checking the market for available refrigerators. Ours is getting old and we plan to change it sooner or later. There was one thing that we have noticed and that we want to stick to: wider design.

As a side note, let me say that we live in Budapest, in a rather small city center located apartement which would not fit a side by side refrigerator.

This is why we are stuck with the wider design, where the refrigerator and the freezer are one above the other. And here I get to my question: why would anybody put the freezer on the top and the refrigerator under it?

2. No answer(s)

At least not from me. I cannot imagine a logical, or practical reason for someone, anyone, enjoying the usage of a refrigerator built with the freezer up. My main reason for saying this, is that we open the refrigerator many times a day, say more than fifty, compared to the freezer, which we open just a few times a day (here, by we, I think of we as humans, not only ourselves).

So uncomfortable. When one does something so many times a day, it should be a great feeling, a great experience. In the case of the bottom.positionned refrigerator, we lose all the comfort and good experience of a refrigerator usage.

The more I think of it, I tend to believe that the companies who build these appliances do not plan this at all. This feels like the tipical case of let us have that, if we have this. For me, there is no other explanation for this waste of comfort.

Of course, things have another interesting side: people buy these! Probably they don't even think of it, or they just like their design, or color, or whatever the reason.

3. Conclusion

Most of us never think of think of the comfort of the appliances we buy. There are so many bad products on the marker. And do not get me wrong: I do not mean cheap, but bad. There are so many products on the market which are not cheap, but still unusable.
Let me know what you think of this, what kind of refrigerator you own?

Now, everybody get back to building a better web!