Notice - vic.js

published on March 7, 2013 in technical

Vic.js is a permissive validation/correction abstraction available for JavaScript.

"We punish a user typing '12' instead of the fully-qualified '2012',… why? Either it’s our thoughtlessness or it’s the very unlikely (depending on context) possibility that the user did in-fact mean the year '1912' or '1812' or '1012'…"

This is what the author starts his post on vic.js with. He is is actually entirely right. We always read that interaction should be seamless, that feedback should be helpful, that errors should be there to help people and not to make them give up. Vic.js accomplishes this in a really nice way. It comes with a great and simple API which gives us developers, and users, flexibility in input validation. 

You can read read more about it in this post: 'Permissive user input validation' published by the author himself.