My First Meetup Presentation

published on July 11, 2012 in technical

I was a bit nervous about today. But things went well, apart from almost not being able to reach may presentation.

1. Before

I was a bit nervous. Before this one, I only held one session, which was not very good – this made me feel a bit unsecure. I prepared for a day last weekend, it looks like that is enough for such a session.

There was one thing that made the situation a bit bad. When I was just getting things prepared on site, I realized that there is something wrong with my virtual debian linux which held the presentations. It took about half an hour, and a lot of help from a guy who knew what was wrong (Thank you!).

There is something I have to fix for further sessions — the slides have to be reachable all the time.

By the way, I am talking about the Budapest Frontend meetup and it took place at the office, here in Budapest.

2. During

It was actually great! I said one thing, which I realized was really funny: fonts are not available because of unavailability reasons. This might be possible and even true, but still, it is quite a logic trap!

3. After

I realized that I need some good presentation tool. Something simple, something fast, online, and local[host] too, which can even be used by others for these kinds of presentations.

In the end, things were ok, this day was another good day for me. I shouldn't have worried about it so much.