My First Article

published on January 1, 2011 in technical

This is my first article. Ever. Let me tell a bit of my story.

1. First as a first

It' been a while since I have benn planning this article, and now that time has come to write it, my ideas, thoughts are running all around. Let me try...

2. History

It has been more than ten years since I first met web development in person. At that time, Microsoft Visual Basic was my favourite, I had workde quite a bit in it. But the PHP code is different, interesting, mostly because I had to change my way of planning applications. And, at that time, I did not have to build special ser interfaces to be able to use it. I just uset the basic  HTML controls available. It got me. And it has me ve since. I felt like a child, just the day before the best vacation of his life. And now, more than ten years later, I feel the same.

I am in love with the web, with its dynamics. I moved to a different country, brought here by my grandfather's dreams, many things changed in my life. And still keyed up! Very much!

3. About my plans

I shall try to write short and to the point oppinions in the fields of web development. It might be about some PHP framework, or user interface problem that I saw somewhere, maybe some kind of site review, or a bit of MySQL optimization. I am eager to write about any of these!.

I shall try to educate those that are building the Hungarian web, and not only that. And mostly those who think they are building it, but actually all they do is build a pile of crap. I think that everyone should endeavour in doing the best they can, and when that does not happen, that must be stated. I will mention the sites which any kind of usability, and of course those that give a lot of attention to that.

I shall be happy to write articles about the best sites on the web, which help teir users do whatever they are there for. There are very little of these, sadly. It is up to us to build a better web.

4. Feedback, contact

Each article will have a comment possibility. I am going to be very happy to read Your comments, take Your advice. Send me e-mails here, if You have anything to say about my site, shall be very glad to read them.

Soon, there is going to a login possibility, for a bunch of new services. It will probably use Facebook, or Twitter credentials, but there is also going to be a registration.

My frst article is going to be a review about a form which has been annoying me for quite a while.