Let us forget the noreply@

published on July 30, 2011 in technical

We all get a lot of e-mails like this, which are sent from a noreply@ sender address. This is their way of telling me not to reply to their e-mails. What if I want to reply?

1. I gave you my e-mail

I check my e-mails many times a day. Each ensures a direc way of contacting me. I gave it to you even knowing that I am going to get a lot of spam, a lot of crap.

2. What do I get in return?

An e-mail sent from a noreply@ address. And not even one, but a lot. This is the message that this behavior transmits:

I do not care that you might want to reply, I do not care that you might have anything to say. Keep you oppinion to yourself.  All I need from you, is to get my e-mails.

I think this is very rude, just as you say hello to someone and he doesn't even bother looking at you. It lacks even the most minimal respect I would expect from anyone.

If I check this behavior from another point of view, the sender must be a total idiot when sending this kind of e-mails. He doesn't even know if anyone would reply in the first place, but if he would, he might say something good for the bussiness, something that might make it prosper…