Goodbye Backbone

published on September 16, 2013 in technical

I had to recently do a Backbone.js test and that was the end of my cooperation with Backbone.

I mostly build custom webapps lately, I even have a theory that the web is composed of webapps only nowadays, but that is another story.
During building these apps, I came to realize that Backbone doesn’t have a place anymore in my plans.

If I do something simple then I use my own JavaScript, native or jQuery. If I do anything a bit more complex, I use Ember.js.

This wasn’t a plan, just something that happened. And yesterday, while doing this Backbone.js test I realized that I lost the habit of using it. It is in the way in case I do something simple or it makes me write too much code in case of doing complex stuff.

Some might think that this is bad, but for me this is joy! I don't have to read anything about it anymore. Perfect, more time for other stuff.