published on October 19, 2011 in technical

There are a lot of frameworks on the market. Javascript, CSS, PHP. Also, lots of boilerplates. There is a new one, the Foundation from Zurb, which got my attention in tha past few weeks. Let us see what it is capable of.

1. Start here, build anywhere

This is the moto of the release, it may be found on Foundation's site. That is a very goond point.

The main attribute of this not so little tool, is efficiency. Foundation gives us the possibility of doing a lot of things, very fast.

2. Prototyping

We all know, that wireframes and similar pre production emulations are needed. Not to ourseves, but to our clients. We need to present them something a bit, or more, close to the final product, before that is built.

With Foundation, we may do the later. Before being able to present a built HTML template, our client is presented with something that does not look like the final product yet, but probably is quite close to it in functionality.

There are all kinds of little helpers included, like: tabs, paging, messages and many other things.

3. Flexible grids

All of you have already worked with grids, right? But how about nested grids? That is not that simple and often anymore. Foundation gices us that too. Also, the usage is very easy and intuitive.

4. Mobility

Mobile first. I do not have to explain that. Besides the above smaller properties, Foundation has this great feature: we do not need to build a different site for mobile, we already have it. THis is accomplished with the usage of CSS3 media queries and/or javascript.

5. Conclusion

I need to launch soon a photography portfolio. I will build this with Foundation. When done, I am gonna get back here and post a link describing my detailed opinion of Foundation.