Firebase And Ember.js

published on April 17, 2013 in technical

I've been playing a bit with these two last weekend and let me share a few thoughts on that.

I previously mentioned that I was playing a bit with Firebase. It is quite an interesting service which can be used for a variety of purposes. For myself and all JavaScript developers around Firebase is really interesting especially for proof of concept web apps.

Setting up an account is really simple, probably one of the simplest settings I ever did. Just register and set your database name. That's it.

If you are an Ember.js fan and user, then you are even luckier. There is this very talented guy who made a Ember-data adapter for Firebase. And that thing, though still under development - but what isn't on the web - is just a real hit. 

It has a huge feature, called live models. To use this, you need to patch Ember-data - patch is available on Github and will probably be merged soon, as soon as the unit test are ready for it.

But what are the live models? After you have defined a model, it will sync with Firebase in a bidirectional manner for the defined fields.

The adapter also has support for authentication, which means that Firebase it is not only a pool of data, but you can use it wisely too, protecting your data.

Relationships are also available, though they need a bit of extra energy to use due to the way Firebase works: querying resources will include children.

I am going to be a demo application on these two babies here and let you all know how it felt. Till then, read what Thomas Boyt wrote about his awesome creation.