Examples In Open Source JavaScript Projects

published on July 1, 2013 in technical

Many of us use Github, or something similar, for hosting our public or private projects. So do I. There is something though that is many times annoying about them. The examples.

I am not sure whether this is a general issue or my problem only. Let me go into a bit of details here.

Lately, lucky for me, I write a lot of JS code, for the browser, for the server and soon for some phones. This also really often gets me into the situation of looking up solutions for my problems on the web. Like using some tabs in a user interface, but without jQuery/jQuery UI, just something simple and small. And I do find great things most of the time. And here comes my problem.

When I do find the thing that looks perfect for me, I want to try it out. So far, I have never encountered a Github project which had an out of the box working examples folder inside it. In return, I often find command line magic which uses some package manager.

So what did my search result turn into? A project which looks good, but can be tried only if you set up node/npm and a around 20MBs of modules. All this for like a few kilobytes of JS demo. Why would anybody spend hours of setting things up on his machine, just to try something out? Something that he might delete in a second after he saw it.

I would like to see an example folder in each project, which works out of the box after I have cloned the repository. To achieve this, I have created a project, which is currently empty by my ideas will get in there as some kind of guideline.

So, if any of you is interested in this, join my efforts of making code sharing really useful and send me ideas on how we can make things better.