Ember 1.0 And Ember-data 1.0 Beta 1

published on September 1, 2013 in technical

I first met Ember almost two years ago. If I am correct, it wasn't even named Ember at that time. And now we have a stable 1.0 version and a beta 1 data layer.

Ember 1.0

The Ember core team released Ember 1.0 yesterday. As usual, they did an awesome job. The Ember site docs and guides have changed to reflect the new API, some of them are even interactive. Since the beginning, Ember has been evolving really fast and getting smarter with each release. One of the RCs brought components, which are great, too. You can more about them on the Ember site, but their name is a bit obvious. One can now create ember components, for easy code reuse.

Along with Ember 1.0, the core team released Ember Inspector for Chrome.  It makes it easy to see how an Ember application is laid out.

Ember-data 1.0 beta 1

The changes in Ember-data are even better. Some of them might be breaking your current code, so here is a detailed transition documentation.

When working with Ember, at least in those projects where I did not create the backend, we always had a problem: I had to go miles and miles to convice why the way Ember-data needs JSON is a good thing. Many time I have been unsuccessful at this. The new Ember-data gives me a way of handling that by simply overriding the exctractSingle and extractArray methods. So easy.

Also, Ember-data lets you use per-type adapters and serializers which is going to be really helpful in many cases.