published on October 4, 2012 in technical

"Think it's OK to serve up 30KB of framework over 3G just to manipulate a couple of DOM elements? Of course you don't because that's an asshat move and you're no asshat. You'll probably instead use a couple of lines of vanilla JavaScript, perhaps a little CSS :active with transitions, all while riding a unicorn bareback through a double rainbow, no hands." This is the official introduction to Chibi.

1. Short introduction

Not that long ago I was thinking to write a javascript library for my special needs. One of those was a familiar syntax. And I had this very similar idea — building it to look like jQuery because everybody is familiar with jQuery's syntax.

This is not such a new idea, zepto.js is built with similar goals.

2. A few examples, where to download

The way to hide all paragraphs, is this:


Show a specific id:


It has a document ready shorthand:

    // Do awesome

It supports css manipulation, toggling, ajax, and a few more.

If size really matters and you are thinking in putting Javascript inline, then Chibi is your friend.