Budapest Best Restaurants

published on July 17, 2011 in technical

Molnar Daniel and Szabados Balazs released their first iPhone app. They planned it, they managed its development project. And I took a closer look at it.

1. What did I test it on?

I own a few years old iPhone 3G, this is what I use for testing the apps I can. Developers tend to forget developping, when better hardware is at hand, so this phone is a perfect test tool.

2. The app

Itt starts fast. It has a great splash screen, with a tempting meal. We get to the next screen in a blink, which gives us a greatly usable menu.

The menu's first point is near-by restaurants, based on our location and a radius that we may set in the application's settings.

The two print screens below show two tests of location based results. The one on the left is a more precise one, with a better address, the one on the right with a less precise address. The left one is much better, due to the exact address and it gives us a good restaurant list.

Also, there is detailed search, too. This was carefully pdesignet, it is very easy to use because of the big touchable buttons. The other good thing is that it display the number of restaurants in the result list, while you set the search parameters.

The result list is also ok, it shows the distance to the restaurant besides its name.

We also have the possibility to list restaurants by cuisine. There are many that we may choose. If we reach the restaurant's detailed page, then we see the below picture, on the right. The image on the left, is the cuisine list view.

For non-hungarians, there is a possibility of changing the apps language. I think this is great idea, many tourists are going to love it. We may also set the near by restaurants radius, its color and the type of map we want to use.

On the last three printscreens we see the detailed page of a restaurant. The designer managed to put a lot of information in here, considerring the size of the available screen. What I really like, is the transparent menu bar on the top. Using that, the picture behind it is always visible.

3. Design

Simple, beautiful. easy to use. Still, I would change a few things.

On the restaurant's detailed page I would scroll the picture, too. This would ensure a better swipe experience on the iPhone.

In the restaurant list I would display the address, too. This might make the app a little more user friendly.

4. Is there anything missing?

Yes, there are a few things missing.

One of them is a picture gallery. When I choose a restaurant without seeing it, I would really like to see some pictures of it.

The other thing is the possibility of rating the restaurants. I understand that the list is built upon severe criteria, but still. If I dined in a good or bad restaurant that I chose in this app, I would like to be able to rate it.

The third thing is the number of the restaurants. I know places around here that are quite good and are not among theese. The list only contains 85 restaurants, which is not so much.

5. Conclusion

All in all, this is a great app. You may donload it the App Store, here.