Bootstrap, from Twitter

published on August 21, 2011 in technical

Twitter recently joined the companies which provide such tools to web developers which help them do a better work. Let's check out quickly what Bootstrap is about!

1. What is Bootstrap?

It is a front-end development kit, basically an HTML and CSS collection of conventions, all this spiced with the latest browser technologies.

2. What's inside?

Inside there are mainly seven parts:

  • reset.less, Eric Meyer's modified css reset
  • preboot.css, color settings and all kind of mixins
  • scaffolding.less, layout, page template and grid rules
  • type.less, font rulesets
  • patterns.less, popups, tooltips and such
  • forms.less, form style
  • tables.less, all kinds of rules for tabular data

As you may see, Bootstrap is based on the Less Framework, because of its obvious advantages.

You can read more about Bootstrap on Twitter development blog, or on Bootstrap's Github page.