Creativity Spotted

published on August 15, 2013 in memories-in-silent-photographs

I always say that developers are creative people, because they create. Let me show you a great example.

When we write code, we create.

This might be an unusual thought to many, they might even consider to reject it, thinking that creative people are designers, painters, and so on. But they're wrong, they just don't know it.

Just thought I'd mention it, the goal of this post is totally different. I worked with Dénes for a while, he is a great developer. But not only that, he is also a great photographer. Obviously, he is good at these because both seam to be really close to his heart.

Let me show you a few of his photos.

And just as all artists, Dénes has done self-portaits...

If you like his photos, check out his facebook page. In case you have a gig for him, you may contact him there.