The Godfather's First Few Minutes

published on February 13, 2013 in life

I watched The Godfather again a few weeks earlier. Marlon Brando's performace keeps amazing me.

If you've seen the movie, at least a few times, then you know that it is a masterpiece. Not because of the presented violence, but because of the actors' performance.

But this is an entirely different story. What I wanted to mention, is the first few minutes of the movie, when Vito Corleone is receiving his guests, guests which he cannot refuse on the wedding day of his daughter.

Some guest arrives and while the Godfather is chatting with him, he is caressing a little kitty. Nothing exquisite here, but the way he does it, that is unmatched. The power that radiates from his gestures, the way he speaks, that is unmatched. Everything is so silent, so perfect, as if it were a scene from the real life.

But this is acting and Marlon Brando was the master of acting.