One Of My New Year’s Resolution

published on January 19, 2014 in life

Close to the end of last year I realized that I need to move more. Now that I started moving a bit, I think it is OK to make that a goal fow 2014.

Back in September 2013 I wrote this post about the need to move more. More than four months have passed since then and finally things are getting along.

Last week I bought a pair of running shoes, the amazing Brooks Ghost 6. And I already ran with them once. Perfect choice for me, they give me just the comfort I need.

I also hired a personal trainer. My hope is that he will notice what kind of exercice I need better than myself and together we can motivate me to get in much shape nd to keep that up for a long time.

Also, the guys at Liligo planned a weekly soccer game and I signed up for it. I hope I am not doing to many things.

Anyway, being fit became one of my goals for 2014.

I will be posting updates about my general fitness state.