I Lost Interest In Formula 1

published on October 31, 2013 in life

I have been a big fan of Formula 1. But I had to realize that I find it boring for a while.

The old days

I remember the first years when I had the opportunity of watching the races live, back in Romania. It was exciting and interesting. It was always a a constant weekend program, most of the times a family program.

One of the most memorable races for me was when Ayrton Senna held back Nigel Mansel in the 1992 Monaco Grand Prix. I still remember the feeling I had when at the end of the race I saw that Mansel was so exhausted, that he needed assistance to stand on his feet.


Compared to the above, current Formula 1 is boring. From my point of view it has nothing to do with racing anymore, but with tactics. This is most likely not a new thing, but back in the day, watching the races brought excitement into my day. What I currently feel while watching a race, is that I am wasting my time. This is the reason I usually work while watching, or listening, the race on TV.

I feel that this is pity, for some reason. It was a great way of spending quality time. Today, it is just something on TV, just like anything else on TV.