How To Missunderstand Developers

published on October 29, 2013 in life

Just like Willard Foxton does in his article on The Telegraph.

1. Just to clarify it, so that even Willard Foxton can understand it, what is coding exactly?

All of us have used software in some form, even if we don’t know it. A microwave, a car, a washing machine, a sophistcated computer or software are based on code, or made of code. This means that coding is putting this stuff together, making a car run properly, an airplane fly or phone ring when it should.

Put in very simple way, coding is making something work out of basically nothing, which for most developers around the world is a great feeling , because helping people in their daily life is awesome.

Building something from nothing is most of the time a creative activity. Calling a developer’s job a mechanical skill only emphasises how much someone has no clue about what coding really is. There is nothing mechanical in making up and building Facebook, Twitter, Apple products. These all imply strong creative skills, because of a very simple reason: nobody has done it before so the developer has to make up the stuff. Obviously, there is some repetitive work in some cases, but that not a general thing.

2. What kind of people are the developers who do the coding?

One is certain, they are intelligent people. Whithout a higher intelligence, they could not do what they do. Without this higher intelligence, they could for instance write stupid and missleading articles about things they have no clue about.

“Dull weirdos”? That is probably the stupidest thing anyone could say about developers, in general. He probably never met any, only assumes something, from missleading movies.
There is of course a certain percentage of developers, who are not as interesting as one would think of them, but that is understandable, they have to put up with people like this Willard guy.

3. Why do many people think that learning coding would be good to everyone?

Simple one: because when you learn how to code, you enforce a certain type of logic thinking on your brain which is going to be useful to you in your life.

It is not about everybody being a developer, not at all. It is about learning how to think, about understanding what optimal means, about using it daily to make your life easier.

4. So

If you haven’t read this article, go there and do it. Then comment something about it, so that this man knows your opinion.