Bad Job Postings

published on April 5, 2013 in life

Twitter are Facebook are platforms which have lately been flooded with job postings. Most of them really badly put together. Let me just put out some of the bad things about them.

The last posting made me decide to gather all these into a post, which I will keep refreshing in time, so that I have these funny, and not so funny, details in one place.

There is one thing that I keep bumping into: experience within a multinational company. For me, this is a totally useless description. I never had any clue what people actually want when they require this.
One of the things they might mean, is openness to a multicultural environment. Another one would be that the employee needs to be able to speak foreign languages, in most of the cases English is the one thing they think of.
But they never mention these, they instead say that stupid-nothing-telling-phrase.

Another interesting requirement I see is years of experience in certain technologies. That is at least weird, especially if we talk of web. Take programmers for instance. Besides Java, PHP, C, C++ and a few others, there are basically not to many languages that you can have more than five years of relevant experience with. Javascript has been around for a while, but saying that you have seven years of JS experience, doesn't mean much. On the other hand, if you are twenty years old and have been building JS apps for the last two years, you might have quite more relevant experience than the guy with much more years in the background.

Here in Hungary law prohibits - for a good reason and rightfully - posting jobs with requirements concerning gender, age, skin color and many other discriminative "properties" of a human being. This obviously does not make people obey the rules. I constantly observe postings all over the place which say something like this: "looking for young, appealing female shop worker". I find this not only badly formulated, but also sexist, really badly sexist. Even disgusting.