Attitude Is A Decision

published on April 12, 2013 in life

I moved to this country by my own will. I am happy I did that, because I met some really great people here. But there are things that make my life sad and make me wonder about going some place else.

A few days ago a man died during interrogation in a Hungarian police station. He was taken in for minor theft and the outcome was the loss of his life.

This is a really sad and regrettable thing to happen. Anything like this should never happen.

I warn you, the following lines are my opinion only.

This death is partly an outcome of an attitude. The attitude of the human which thinks that he is above other humans, that the others worth less, that the others don't matter, that it is good to not even give a fuck about respect for the people around you. This is an attitude which I have been feeling in Hungary for years. Let me tell you a few stories about attitude around here.

Yesterday I was walking towards a shop and two young men came really close to my back. It is a strange thing to do even such an agglomerated city like Budapest. But that was not all, as one of them was walking behind me he basically kicked my feet while he was stepping, due to being too close to me. I turned around and gently asked him what he was doing. He didn't bother to even look at me. He just tried to go around me, doing the same kicking from the behind while doing that. I asked again, with a bit of anger. Still no reply. He went into a building, looking back, hoping I won't follow, but unlucky to him I was going just there to the shop I mentioned above. Now being right behind his back, I asked again why he did that, a bit louder - he looked at me scared, I could see that in his eyes. Still no reply. Then I got really angry and told him that next time he does that he should at least say sorry, before someone kicks his ass.

Obviously I would never get my hands dirty for such a reason. My freedom is worth a lot more to me than that dickhead.

This attitude is an average thing around here. Being a dickhead is normal. Especially behaving like one.

A few weeks back I had a little fight on Facebook with three people I know. I posted an angry note about those who travel for free around Budapest, not paying anything, basically without a ticket or a monthly pass. It was a really big surprise to me that people who's judgement I trusted so far, said that they do that too, because they either would not pay for such services, which they happily use for free, or that they would not pay for that short distance. I told them they were using the buses, trams or whatever for free - that is like they travel on my or any other paying passenger's money. This pissed them off, which I was a bit happy about. I made a little math. If one hundred thousand people buy one ticket per day, on an yearly basis that would be really close to that amount of money that the company which runs the buses/trams/whatever around here has to beg for from the government to be able to stay alive.

This attitude is again an average one around. People don't want to pay for the services, but those are perfect for them for free. Figure that one out.

I know this lady who is a librarian. She doesn't have too much experience in this field, but she has a good reason for that. Here's why.

We have this Central Szabó Lörincz library in Budapest, which is probably one of the biggest in Hungary. She has been secretly hoping to get a job there for quite a while, because that looked like a great place. This is the reason why she accepted to work there for about one and a half months as a volunteer, being told that there are no open jobs. As she did her daily work - let me add something to that: she was probably one of the few there who actually did work, all the other state employees there just wanted to get through the day somehow, either reading all day, either hanging on Facebook, either just doing nothing all day long - she found out that there is a new employee there who started just about when she got there, just about when the managers told her that there is no room for her there. That person was fired from another library here in Budapest for doing nothing all day long, but due to being a close friend to one of the managers, she got hired here. Where she still does nothing all day long. Literally. And gets payed for it.

These are again usual attitudes around here. As a state employee, there is nothing wrong with doing shit all day long on state money, basically on our money. On the money I partly pay to the Hungarian state. 

Also, hiring a relative/friend/whatever just so that that person has a job, which as a state job is really secure job around here, no matter what you fucking do or you don't do all day long. If you don't do anything for years, no problem with that, there is probably no chance at all to get fired from a Hungarian state company.

Many people are angry because of this. Because of them paying taxes to the state and state representatives spending that money in the wrong way. And they don't just stand angry, they act about it. They choose not to pay those taxes, because they don't want that money to be used in the wrong way.

This again is an average attitude around here. Tax evasion is something normal, many times expected and mandatory. Expected from the companies around and mandatory for the people. It is normal for people to think of you as a stupid guy if you willingly pay your taxes.

Obviously, the vast majority of tax evaders are the ones who complain the most about bad public services, bad roads, high prices.

There is another attitude which I think is the worst. The state employee who thinks he is not there to serve the people who pay his salary, but to fuck them around. This is the most annoying thing ever. You know the police is there to help you, but they think they are there to patronize you, to annoy you, to take advantage of their position in as many ways they can. There is the librarian who's job is to help you with you questions, or with any problem you might have. Instead he doesn't give a shit about you because he knows he will never get fired, no matter what he does.

This country is not in this situation, political or financial, because of the government. That is the stupidest thing anyone could say. We're fucked because of the people doing nothing all day long in their state jobs, because someone else has to do that job and when he does it, and does get payed for it. We're in big trouble because people instead of paying taxes they keep their money at home, or take it outside the country. The high tax is just an excuse, there are lots of countries with higher taxes and higher corruption which have no problem with these. Stealing, cheating, tax evasion, not giving a shit about others is part of this countries history and culture. That is the problem.

So stop blaming politics and governments. It is not their fault. It's yours.