How To Keep Good Employees

published on February 15, 2014 in bussiness

I read a tweet from someone yesterday and I thought I would put a few thoughts around that.

The seven steps

The below seven steps are mandatory. The order is not necessarily the same, but a company which wants to get and keep good employees has to fulfill all these requirements.

1. Pay them well

This one is the only one which can either get you a good employee or prevent them from leaving. It works like the veto: if you have all the others but not this one, you will loose people.

2. Mentor them

Everybody needs to learn, to develop their skills, no matter how good they are. This is not something you only do for a while and then stop. So make sure they can look up to someone, who can mentor them.

3. Challenge your employees

A boring job is not a job, it is only a waste of time. Sooner or later people will realize this and they will leave.

4. Promotion

Working in a position for a while makes the employee good at it. But that is only true until they will want to have more responsibility in the field. When they do, they will be looking for promotion. Offer this from time to time, raise responsibilities and salaries to keep them.

5. Involve them in decisions

Employing people just to do work is not enough anymore. A relevant part of employee motivation is taking part in decisions. Allow them to be there when decisions are taken, involve them in the process.

6. Appreciation

Giving a bonus is great, but expressing appreciation should be a habit. Nobody likes to work with zero feedback. If you like what someone does, say it.

7. Listen to them

As I mentioned above, people like to be heard, not just do the work and then go home. Listen to what they have to say, make time for it. There us a good chance that you will hear business ideas you haven’t thought of.