Best Practices

published on August 12, 2013 in bussiness

The term is used a lot in all industries. They sound really good, many of us think of them as some magic guidelines, which show us the right way. But that is not really true.

Just as myself, you probably have tried to use best practices before. It is a really hyped term, which should bring magic to our life and work. But they somehow did not do the trick. At least not in my experience.

What should they do? Or better, what do we expect of them to teach us? The answer is we expect them to provide us help and guidance in certain situations.

But the thing is they don't. Why not? They should, that is what everybody says, so why don't they?

The answer is very simple. We are all unique and due to this, there is no one shirt who fits everyone. As a result to this, what we create and build is also unique. Even the relationships or the companies we build are unique, too. And what is the natural consequence of these? That the so called best practices will never fit people or what they create or build – they are only good guesses, at best.

So next time you hear of them, just think of guesses and deal with them accordingly.

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